WTVM Editorial 1-15-21: Help the cold get warm

While much of the country shivers through snowstorms and battle icy roads, we smile knowing we largely escape that kind of weather.

  WTVM Editorial 1-3-21: “Warp Speed” a big success

It is an extraordinary accomplishment for government, business and the military who broke down barriers to find a trustworthy vaccine faster than experts thought possible.

  WTVM Editorial 12-14-20: Dial 211 for parenting help

If you’re a parent who needs help, simply dialing 211 will connect you with the experts at the United Way who can then direct you to the resources you and your family may need.

WTVM Editorial 11-13-20: Headlights On

Setting the clocks back an hour may create extra daylight in the morning, but it greatly increasing the dangers of driving when twilight comes earlier.

  WTVM Editorial 10-30-20: The power of your vote

When it comes to voter turnout, presidential election years always see the highest number of voters going to the polls.

  WTVM Editorial 10-14-20: Roy Greene’s successful life

An important man died last week in Phenix City at the age of 99.

  WTVM Editorial 9-25-20: Time to play ball

A week ago Wednesday, the Muscogee County School District canceled athletic and after-school activities, but this time it had nothing to do with COVID-19.

WTVM Editorial 9-18-20: In-person voting is low risk

From now until Election Day the big debate about mail-in voting versus voting in person will only get bigger, because of COVID-19.

  WTVM Editorial 9-4-20: A graceful tribute

Providence Baptist Church is home to an impressive three-tiered granite circle, surrounding a cross of remembrance.

  WTVM Editorial 8-25-20: One-Size-Fits-All Policies

Have you ever bought an item that was “one size fits all” and then quickly found out that wasn’t true?

  WTVM Editorial 8-21-20: Your generous support of fire victims

It didn’t take long for you, our generous viewers, to step up and contribute to the Fire Relief fund.

  WTVM Editorial 8-1-20: Kids, COVID and Classes

No one has all the answers, we surely don’t, but getting kids back in the classroom full-time needs to be the overall goal.

WTVM Editorial 7-17-20: COVID-19: What we’ve learned

Most of what we have learned about COVID-19 since March are the simple, common sense measures we can all take to lower our risks.

  WTVM Editorial 7-7-20: Why the census counts

2020 is only half over and it’s already a year many of us would rather forget.

  WTVM Editorial 6-26-20: The real role models

Several major corporations have moved to eliminate the familiar icons of some well-known brands like Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, Uncle Ben’s rice and Aunt Jemima pancake mix.

  WTVM Editorial 6-19-20: Voting problems

Voting is our most important right as Americans. Everyone eligible should vote and every vote needs to count, but Georgia’s primary performance does not give voters much reassurance that happened.

  WTVM Editorial 6-12-20: Bravery and risk go together

Back in the early 1960s as NASA tested the first rockets to launch astronauts into space, many of those first-generation rockets blew up on the launch pad.

  WTVM Editorial 6-3-20: Lessons from pandemics

There are some interesting parallels between our current strategies against COVID-19 and the Yellow Fever Epidemic in the summer of 1793.

  WTVM Editorial 5-22-20: Kemp’s common sense

It’s been a little more than two weeks since Georgia Governor Brian Kemp bravely stepped up to the state capitol microphone to relax the state’s economic shutdown.

  WTVM Editorial 5-14-20: Ahmaud deserves justice

Instead of celebrating his birthday, Ahmaud’s family is grieving and angry after he was shot to death while jogging in a Savannah suburb.

  WTVM Editorial 5-8-20: Jobs vs. guaranteed income

With the ongoing debate about when and how to fully reopen businesses, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi floated the idea of a “guaranteed income” for all Americans during the pandemic.

  WTVM Editorial 4-29-20: Your choice to make

This is the first week of the phased re-opening of the Georgia economy, which is on its knees thanks to the shutdown from COVID-19.

  WTVM Editorial 4-24-20: Thanks to my team

I’m really proud of my employees and want to acknowledge some of the ones you never see. I appreciate all of them – especially now.

  WTVM Editorial 4-9-20: Life is good

To lighten the mood, we offer a few of the more uplifting stories we recently covered.

  WTVM Editorial 4-3-20: Virus vs. Economy

As the coronavirus story continues to evolve and as more and more people get tested, the more we will learn.

  WTVM Editorial 3-24-20: Good news

Let’s focus on something else the virus brings: positive energy, creativity and, yes, good news.

WTVM Editorial 3-20-20: Get your kit ready

All of us at WTVM and WXTX hope our live, local information has been helpful to you as you continue to cope with the coronavirus at home or at work.

  WTVM Editorial 3-15-20: Coronavirus common sense

As the coronavirus spreads through the United States, we need to stay alert to the dangers, but also remember not to overreact.

  WTVM Editorial 2-25-20: Huge win for United Way

It is truly amazing what can happen when people unite and all push in one direction to reach a goal.

  WTVM Editorial 2-20-20: Rosa Parks Remembered

The museum and Rosa Parks’ legacy are local treasures well worth exploring, to making sure younger generations learn about the big wins of the civil rights movement.

  WTVM Editorial 2-13-20: Kids, gender, and Sesame Street

When it comes to television shows, the rules for children’s programming are pretty strict and that’s a good idea.

  WTVM Editorial 2-4-20: Good economic times

The economy on a national scale is performing at heights not seen in decades and that is good news for us here in Columbus, too.

  WTVM Editorial 1-28-20: Get tough on reckless drivers

How is it that any driver, accused in connection with a fatal crash, is allowed even one citation for reckless driving, without having his bail immediately revoked?

  WTVM Editorial 1-20-20: Celebrate MLK’s Legacy

Only two Americans are honored with federal holidays in their names: George Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  WTVM Editorial 1-13-19: Set a date to be great

We’d like to invite you to “Set a Date to be Great” and join our community project with the Red Cross to make an appointment to donate blood.

  WTVM Editorial 1-7-20: Worship with a plan

It should be the top priority of every house of worship, just as it is for every school and every large public venue, to have a security plan that acknowledges that dangerous people exist everywhere.

  WTVM Editorial 12-24-19: Chuck Leonard retires

Chuck Leonard’s retirement from WTVM happened last week after a broadcasting career of over 40 years, 38 of those years at WTVM.

  WTVM Editorial 12-18-19: Armed self-defense

We want to be able to rely on our professionally trained officers, but the police can not be everywhere all the time.

  WTVM Editorial 12-12-19: More than just toys

From now through December 18th, WTVM and our client partners: Gil’s Auto, the Ritz Hollywood Connection and Headquarter Nissan are collecting toys for needy children and children in foster care.

  WTVM Editorial 11-19-19: Hunger can be helped

Around this time of year, we ask our viewers to help us gather non-perishable food to donate to the area’s premier food bank: Feeding the Valley.

  WTVM Editorial 11-5-19: Victory Over Violence

With the alarming and almost constant news of shootings, murders and other acts of violence in parts of our community, we at WTVM decided to make a sustained effort to examine this deeply rooted problem.