Military Matters

  MILITARY MATTERS: Former army drill sergeant now leading a diverse church

Before taking over as lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Columbus, Pastor Derrick Shields served 20 years in the army, wearing a variety of hats.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Military women’s memorial group honoring thousands of female soldiers

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army vet & singer opens up about near-death bout with COVID-19

  MILITARY MATTERS: Soldiers pitch innovative ideas to better streamline administrative process at Ft. Benning

  MILITARY MATTERS: Thousands of veterans getting COVID-19 vaccinations at new S.C. clinic

  MILITARY MATTERS: Commanding general talks Fort Benning name change

  MILITARY MATTERS: War sole survivor remembers his brothers in ‘Three Wise Men’ book

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  MILITARY MATTERS: Ft. Benning Commanding General gives update on COVID-19

  MILITARY MATTERS: Retired army colonel writes book to get people ready for Armageddon

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army mom sending holiday care packages to soldiers overseas

  MILITARY MATTERS: Fort Benning battalion ruck marches to help feed the needy

  MILITARY MATTERS: Veterans walk thousands of miles to help save other vets' lives

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army Helping to Fight COVID

  MILITARY MATTERS: Sgt. Maj. of the army tours Ft. Benning and talks military housing challenges

A top leader with the U.S. Army talked about solutions and responded to concerns over military housing while on Fort Benning recently, touring places where some local soldiers live.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Former soldier returns home after prison time for war crimes

It was a homecoming for a veteran who says he was wrongly imprisoned for war crimes, and supporters say his release was a long time coming.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Fort Benning firefighters win national honors from DOD

The honor was in part for rescuing soldiers and protecting those on the army installation during the coronavirus pandemic.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army officer’s spouse bikes 3,000 miles across USA

A military wife in Columbus is back home after bicycling 3,018 miles across America, raising money for several causes.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Dr. Jill Biden and Ga. military veterans take part in Zoom roundtable

  MILITARY MATTERS: Columbus man gives medal to 99-year-old singing WWII vet

  MILITARY MATTERS: Fort Benning Army Nurse Defends Her Titan Title on TV Show

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army Ranger transitions from Black Hawk Down to the ministry

  MILITARY MATTERS: Veterans take part in wounded hero fishing

  MILITARY MATTERS: Major General discusses COVID-19 response on Fort Benning

  MILITARY MATTERS: New commanding general opens up on race, Ft. Benning history, Army’s future

Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe talked about everything from racism and the Army’s future, to COVID-19 and the Columbus community.

  MILITARY MATTERS: House of Heroes back to work with church volunteers

Their goal at the most recent project was to honor a decorated veteran and his family at their home.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army honors healthcare workers with parachute jump

The U.S. Army recently honored health care workers with a parachute jump in Louisiana featuring a special operations command parachute demonstration team.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Army wants donations COVID-19 convalescent plasma

Officials at a medical facility on Fort Benning recently did a callout, saying the need for COVID-19 convalesent plasma is “huge.”

  MILITARY MATTERS: East Alabama retreat helps veterans considering suicide

Recently, President Trump outlined a national plan to address the 6,000 suicides every year by U.S. military veterans. To help with this crisis, groups partnered for an event in East Alabama to help vets fight their problems.

  MILITARY MATTERS: From pageants to the Army National Guard

A former Miss Rhode Island is part of a group of second lieutenants finishing up the Basic Officer Leader Course at an Army installation in Oklahoma.

MILITARY MATTERS: Will Fort Benning be renamed because of Confederate connection?

On the heels of nationwide protests against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd, U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy is reportedly open to renaming military bases named after Confederate generals, which includes Fort Benning.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Buffalo Soldiers ride for justice

The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club and other riders, showed up in full force.

  MILITARY MATTERS: House of Heroes suffers financially amid coronavirus pandemic

The House of Heroes has helped veterans for two decades. But now they need the public’s help to stay afloat.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Iraq blast survivor becomes Army chaplain

A chaplain on Fort Benning knows about those losses first-hand. He shared his story from a deadly explosion to faith and redemption.

MILITARY MATTERS: Army Emergency Relief helping soldiers through tough financial times

News Leader 9 talked to a former general with ties to Fort Benning about leading men and woman in uniform through financial hardships.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Band at Fort Benning puts on rock concert online

They call themselves “Rolling Thunder.” The Maneuver Center of Excellence’s (MCOE) Rock Band on Fort Benning hasn’t stopped playing and singing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

MILITARY MATTERS: Georgia National Guard assisting healthcare workers at hospitals amid COVID-19 pandemic

Roughly 25,000 people have responded to the Army’s call for volunteers to assist with the COVID-19 Response Initiative.

MILITARY MATTERS: Soldier’s spouse, turned entrepreneur, helps families during COVID-19 pandemic

Monique Jefferson is helping her family adapt, but she’s also helping other military families as co-founder of the My Ultimate PCS app.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Changes at Ft. Benning in response to COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads across America, the military is taking action to keep soldiers healthy.

MILITARY MATTERS: Equipment Arrives for New Army Combat Fitness Test

“The intent is to modify the culture in the Army and to really try to create warrior athletes who have that physical strength, agility to perform any number of tasks, some combat related, some not combat related."

  MILITARY MATTERS: Former Ft. Benning drill sergeant, one of world’s fittest people leading CrossFit in Phenix City

After an early end to his military career on Fort Benning, a former soldier is getting a second chance thanks to CrossFit. Now, he is one of the fittest people in the world.

MILITARY MATTERS: Army Reservist shooter aiming for the Olympics

A young shooter on Fort Benning is hoping to take part in this year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In early February, she competes to earn a spot on Team USA.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Final Soldier Marathon

The Soldier Marathon, which is Saturday, Nov.16, has been a tradition in Columbus and on Fort Benning for a decade, with people running for troops who have died fighting for our freedom.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Inside look at school on Fort Benning facing protests

Next week, a potentially large group will gather at Fort Benning to protest the former School of the Americas, on the 30th anniversary of an event that prompted the annual rallies: the Central American University massacre.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Auburn baseball team trains like Army Rangers

It was a team-building event for the Auburn University baseball team as they took on an obstacle course that’s part of rigorous Army Ranger training.

  Military Matters: Columbus car dealership team with House of Heroes to aid military widow

Dozens of employees with a Columbus car dealership took some time away from work to help the widow of a military veteran.

Fort Benning being proactive about noise and smoke concerns

Some call it the “sounds of freedom,” but others complain.

  Military Matters: ‘Battle Buddies’ Army family writes about military journey

Many agree that having a successful marriage isn’t easy. Throw military service in the mix, there are even more obstacles. A Fort Benning couple survived those battles and wrote a book about it.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Ft. Benning Army brigade simulating tactical training

Soldiers with the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade on Fort Benning is preparing for intense combat situations that could arise as they advise our foreign partners. We had the chance recently to go behind the scenes during their training.

  Military Matters: Lighthouse Brigade JROTC Honors Students

The awards celebrate students' military leadership potential, selfless service, and excellent academic performance.

  Military Matters: Ft. Benning drill sergeants cleaning up storm damage

In the past two decades, the local House of Heroes has had more than 17,000 volunteers, honoring more than 900 military veterans and/or their spouses with home repairs and improvements, but for the first time ever, a team of Fort Benning drill sergeants are working with the non-profit, showing a sof

  Military Matters: Ft. Benning gives first look at new combat fitness test

For the first time in decades, the military branch is implementing a new fitness test to better prepare soldiers for combat. Fort Benning gave News Leader 9 a first look.

  Military Matters: New movie and art at National Infantry Museum

here’s a lot going on at the National Infantry Museum, including a new portrait gallery that was just unveiled.

  Military Matters: Fort Benning commanding general breaking racial barriers

The Army is honoring African-American soldiers - who make up nearly a quarter of those enlisted, and 11 percent of the officer corps, but only six percent commissioned into combat arms.

  Military Matters: Army veterans with hearing loss sue earplug manufacturer

Thousands of soldiers have permanent hearing loss, and now many are pointing the finger at a manufacturer of earplugs.

  Military Matters: Pay raise coming for members of the military

Men and women in uniform are a month and a half away from their largest pay increase in almost a decade.

  Military Matters: Army reserve soldiers gear up for battle

It's said that an army is only as good as its training, which means preparing for combat is often more important than actually being in the battle itself.

  Military Matters: Young female soldiers taking charge of ammunition

There is a wonderful patriotic song from World War II called 'Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.'

  Military Matters: NC Marines practice with robotic targets

We have all heard that it is hard to hit a moving target, but it never hurts to train for that situation, especially for those in the military.

  Military Matters: Army making changes to PT

Changes to the way the Army keeps its troops in shape are on their way.

Military Matters: Fourth of July fireworks may trigger PTSD for vets

While fireworks can bring joy and fun for some on the Fourth of July, it can also bring stress and anxiety for some of our veterans.