Military Matters

  MILITARY MATTERS: House of Heroes suffers financially amid coronavirus pandemic

The House of Heroes has helped veterans for two decades. But now they need the public’s help to stay afloat.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Band at Fort Benning puts on rock concert online

MILITARY MATTERS: Georgia National Guard assisting healthcare workers at hospitals amid COVID-19 pandemic

MILITARY MATTERS: Soldier’s spouse, turned entrepreneur, helps families during COVID-19 pandemic

  MILITARY MATTERS: Changes at Ft. Benning in response to COVID-19 pandemic

MILITARY MATTERS: Equipment Arrives for New Army Combat Fitness Test

  MILITARY MATTERS: Former Ft. Benning drill sergeant, one of world’s fittest people leading CrossFit in Phenix City

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MILITARY MATTERS: Army Reservist shooter aiming for the Olympics

  MILITARY MATTERS: Final Soldier Marathon

  MILITARY MATTERS: Inside look at school on Fort Benning facing protests

  MILITARY MATTERS: Auburn baseball team trains like Army Rangers

  Military Matters: Columbus car dealership team with House of Heroes to aid military widow

Fort Benning being proactive about noise and smoke concerns

  Military Matters: ‘Battle Buddies’ Army family writes about military journey

Many agree that having a successful marriage isn’t easy. Throw military service in the mix, there are even more obstacles. A Fort Benning couple survived those battles and wrote a book about it.

  MILITARY MATTERS: Ft. Benning Army brigade simulating tactical training

Soldiers with the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade on Fort Benning is preparing for intense combat situations that could arise as they advise our foreign partners. We had the chance recently to go behind the scenes during their training.

  Military Matters: Lighthouse Brigade JROTC Honors Students

The awards celebrate students' military leadership potential, selfless service, and excellent academic performance.

  Military Matters: Ft. Benning drill sergeants cleaning up storm damage

In the past two decades, the local House of Heroes has had more than 17,000 volunteers, honoring more than 900 military veterans and/or their spouses with home repairs and improvements, but for the first time ever, a team of Fort Benning drill sergeants are working with the non-profit, showing a sof

  Military Matters: Ft. Benning gives first look at new combat fitness test

  Military Matters: New movie and art at National Infantry Museum

  Military Matters: Fort Benning commanding general breaking racial barriers

  Military Matters: Army veterans with hearing loss sue earplug manufacturer

  Military Matters: Pay raise coming for members of the military

  Military Matters: Army reserve soldiers gear up for battle

  Military Matters: Young female soldiers taking charge of ammunition

There is a wonderful patriotic song from World War II called 'Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.'

  Military Matters: NC Marines practice with robotic targets

We have all heard that it is hard to hit a moving target, but it never hurts to train for that situation, especially for those in the military.

  Military Matters: Army making changes to PT

Changes to the way the Army keeps its troops in shape are on their way.

Military Matters: Fourth of July fireworks may trigger PTSD for vets

While fireworks can bring joy and fun for some on the Fourth of July, it can also bring stress and anxiety for some of our veterans.