Canadian software division of Arco Information expands its automation solutions into a smart devices control platform

Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 8:40 AM EDT

Digital services software company Arco Information Canada signs new multimillion-dollar agreement with ZoraBots nv for expansion of their ZBOS digital platform into the Americas

Following the huge success of Arco's partnerships in Smart Process Automation for digital document handling, digital services company Arco Information's Canadian division in Toronto, ON concludes a new and major international agreement to offer smart device (Robotics, IoT & Metaverse) control platform, the "ZBOS" platform.  Belgian company ZoraBots nv has signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Arco Information Canada Inc. (ArcoInfo) to distribute and resell ZBOS licenses & services over the next five years.  "This is a great new partner and solution for us to bring to the Americas, continuing in our mandate to offer configurable software control solutions: automation as a service," says Arco Canada CEO, David Downey.

TORONTO, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - Arco Information integrates their DOMA™ digital platform in client's existing systems to automate and digitize business workflow.  The purpose is to replace manual processes with innovative, configurable, adaptable and fully digital information workflows for business Process (documents) and business Automation (controls).  Arco is partnering with ZoraBots to grow their Process and Automation divisions. "Arco Information will integrate & deploy ZoraBots' ZBOS software platform to existing clients.   In addition, Arco will grow the ZBOS customer base in the Americas, providing ZBOS licenses & services.  Via their subscription models for clients, this leads to monthly recurring revenue (MRR) per license for ZoraBots and Arco," explains David Downey.

This new international partnership agreement brings great new smart device control opportunities (robotics, IoT, and metaverse) to Arco's global client base, which includes multinational clients worldwide in telecommunications, healthcare, government and logistics/transportation sectors.  This agreement with ZoraBots is the continuation of an automation strategy: Arco Information will look for opportunities with clients in North America where ZBOS can be part of a client's integrated solution from Arco. "Due to the ZBOS software platform ability to link to diverse physical and meta IOT devices, (real world and the virtual world or metaverse), Zorabots nv solutions are an ideal and complementary addition to the solutions of Arco Information's DOMA platform services.  In addition to our robust processes of digitizing manual actions and paper, ZBOS will collect information from smart devices and other device or system sources and automated 'answers' can be set up," says Downey. "Both DOMA and ZBOS were designed to ensure they are "no-code/low-code" platforms.  New system automations can be simply set up as they require (futureproofing), adjusting information flows on demand, and thus continuously optimize operations."

"For the evolution of the Canadian division of Arco as automation specialists, this agreement comes at a perfect time for us. The five-year period for the reselling of the ZBOS licenses & services and the recurring revenue per license means that we have a very strong offering to bring to the partners and clients that are looking for their business system's and device's control from one provider. We now offer even more smart automation solutions in the real world and metaverse for the office and the factory." says Arco founder Paul Van Coillie.  "We have always been proud of our work as a Belgium headquartered company with international footprints, and are honoured to be bringing another great Belgian solution partner to market in ZoraBots nv.  Now it is a matter of continuing to innovate and in the meantime we are already looking forward to the next projects. "

About Arco Information (Canada):  Arco Information nv in Mechelen, Belgium was founded by CEO Paul Van Coillie in 1993.  The Canadian division began in 2019 with CEO David Downey, and Chairman Paul Van Coillie.  The Canadian arm of Arco Information was founded to move the Arco DOMA digital platform solution in new directions, with a focus on 2 pillars of digital dispatch: to grow the digital document business (ArcoPROCESS); and grow the digital device business (ArcoAUTOMATION).  Arco has expanded into Canada utilizing the power of the DOMA platform's powerful low-code configurable workflow and routing infrastructure and has turned it towards the key focus of handling data in all its formats as the dispatcher and repository for a diverse range of digital data.

About ZoraBots: Zorabots is a Flemish, Ostend, company founded by co-CEOs Tommy Deblieck and Fabrice Goffin. The company's focus was initially on developing robots for the health and hospitality sector with the aim of increasing people's well-being and strengthening contact between people. Due to the growing success, Zorabots expanded its activities to other sectors and new 'smart solutions'. The Zorabots team focused on developing tailor-made technological solutions in sectors such as education and retail. The knowledge and experience gained ultimately resulted in the development of 'smart software' aimed at controlling and linking robotics, IOT and smart devices and the metaverse. 

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