Fall Is Here – Is Your Car Ready?

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It is about time we had some cooler weather days so Fall must be coming. With the cooler nights, usually the first thing we notice in the morning is the TMPS light is on. The system is telling you your tire pressure is too low in one or more tires. On warm days, tire pressure is good, but when it gets cold at night, it drops one or two pounds, and the light comes on. The tire may not have a leak - it just fell below that low pressure threshold and turned the light on.

If you have a car that tells you the individual tire’s pressure, just look and see if they are about the same and drive to a place like White’s Automotive Center to adjust the pressure. If your car does not tell you each tire’s pressure, then look at all your tires. If they look the same, then drive it in and have it checked.

There are also a couple maintenance items I recommend getting checked in the fall so your car will be ready for winter. One, of course, is the tire pressure. Another would be the Anti-freeze level in your coolant. That way you have no surprises when the first freeze comes in. Wiper blades are another good one. With hot days and cool mornings, you have the persistent morning dew on the windshield.

I would also recommend a tune-up. If it has been over 50,000 to 70,000 miles since your last tune-up, your car needs to be checked. During colder temperatures, your vehicle has a little bit harder time to start and get moving. If your spark plugs are worn out, it is taking much more stress on the battery, starter, and your patience. Please do not forget the battery. It is one of the most important things of all. You won’t be going anywhere with a dead battery.

Please come see us at White’s Automotive Center and we’ll be happy to help you stay safe on the road this fall!

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