Is Your A/C Not Cooling Quickly?

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(Rattankun Thongbun | Getty Images)
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Sponsored - Well, it is official! Summer is here with HEAT and HUMIDITY. We always have people say their A/C is not working well enough but when tested, it is fine. Most of the time, it seems like it takes forever for the inside to cool off. The quickest way to do that is set your A/C to Max Cool or use the recirculation feature on your A/C system. The Max Cool system setting recirculates the air inside your car so you start to recirculate the inside cooler air instead of trying to cool the outside warm air. Recirculation will get you slightly cooler air than warm fresh air coming in.

Another thing I have seen a lot of people do is not turn the rear A.C on. Some people think that turning the A/C on causes lower gas mileage. The front and rear A/C use the same compressor. So, gas usage is not affected by turning on the rear A/C and doesn’t cause lower gas mileage. So, if you want to feel more comfortable in your vehicle, turn the rear A/C at full speed even if no one is in the back. This will cool the inside quicker and make you more comfortable.

Now of course the best way to help the A/C and your comfort is to try and reduce the temperature in your car while it is sitting. The best and cheapest way is to crack your windows about ½ inch. This will let the hot air out and reduce the temperature in the car. If you are worried about the afternoon shower, get the stick-on rain guards. You can also get those sunshades for your windshield. The best thing is to park in the shade if you are lucky to find a spot. For more tips about your car or if you have any questions, come see us at White’s Automotive Center! We’re here to help!