Things To Look For When Your Car Won’t Start

Woman on the road trying to fix the broken car, and calling for help on her mobile phone.
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We have customers that come in all the time saying, “My car didn’t start this morning.” Or they’ll say it didn’t start one-time last week. Of course, we get in it, look at the vehicle, and the vehicle seems fine. These problems are the worst kind to have. You, as an owner of the vehicle, now can’t trust it and we can’t get it to duplicate the problem in order to run an accurate test.

What most people don’t realize is that all tests we perform are only good if the problem is currently happening. Also, for this example, there are multiple components and wires that can cause a car not to start. Now I bet you’re wondering what to do in this situation. Well, the best thing you can do is pay attention; is it first thing in the morning, at lunch, or did you go to the gas station, buy a drink, and try to leave. Write down or remember as many details as you can and let us know so we can have a better chance to duplicate the problem and get it repaired.

This also applies to other systems in the vehicle. If you hear a noise, did you go over a speed bump or road construction bumps, when taking a right turn? All these symptoms can be helpful in diagnosing your problem. Is your car running poorly when you’re on the highway, in town, at a drive thru?

So, when a problem is “Ghosting” you, just get as much information as you can so we can duplicate the issue. If we can duplicate it several times, we can find it and repair it and then give it back to you with confidence that your vehicle is repaired properly. Come see us at White’s Automotive Center.

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