Hunter Stumbles Across Human Remains

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WXTX) - A day in the Harris County woods ended with a grim discovery for one local turkey hunter.

Instead of finding a trophy gobbler on Memorial Day, he stumbled across a skull investigators say appears to be human.

The discovery was made in the woods off Georgia Highway 18 in Harris County, not far from Interstate 185 South Exit 34 for Pine Mountain/West Point.

Officials with the Harris County Sheriff's Office allowed only Fox 54 to see the remains in their evidence room. Besides missing teeth and a jawbone, something else is also quite evident- a small bullet hole bored in the back of the skull.

Back out at the scene, officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations found more bones Tuesday as they combed thru the woods.

"We came back out to this location today the request of the Sheriff's Department where additional remains were recovered and the crime scene part of the investigation is ongoing at this time," said Rodney Wall, Special GBI Agent in Charge.

Investigators say the additional bones found by cadaver dogs look like leg bones.

"We have found parts of the skeleton. Now, we're conducting a search and continuing to find and look for additional evidence and additional portions of the remains," Wall added.

At this point, authorities say it's still too early to tell how long the bones have been there, if they belong to a man or woman, or a cause of death. Until they have answers, the area will be treated as a crime scene.

"We're continuing our investigation and hope to identify this person- who it is," Special Agent Wall added.

The bones will be sent to the State Crime Lab in Atlanta for identification.

Since the skull doesn't have any teeth, authorities will have to rely on DNA for that.

They'll try to match the DNA to people who have gone missing in the area.