Simple ideas to treat him like a king

  • Make him a book of coupons. 
    Keep up the love even after Father's Day with coupons that he can "cash in" throughout the year. We've got everything from a car wash, to personal assistant services to complete control of the TV for an entire day!

  • Fix something.
    Find something he's been meaning to get to around the house but just hasn't had time to focus on. This way he can cross a to-do off of his list without raising a finger!

  • Host a BBQ in his honor.
    Where's there's a grill there's a way - especially if there is a man involved. Clean up the yard, sent out invites and get cookin'. 

  • Make him breakfast in bed.
    Show Dad he's special from the moment he wakes up by pamparing him to a delicious meal served in his own cozy bed. Be sure to remember those extra little treats that push it above the norm! 

  • Interview Dad or Grandpa as if he were a star!
    Pose questions about his youth, his school, his dreams, his accomplishments... Find out what he would do more of if he had the time and what he still has on his list to accomplish. End the interview by asking for his autograph!