Job Deal Breakers

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -If you've ever been turned down for a job, you've probably wondered what it was that didn't land you the gig.

The Society of Human Resources Management recently released a survey that includes job deal breakers.

So what tops the list of things interviewers hate, 65% of respondents say being dressed to provocatively could hender you from getting hired.

"If you wear it, if you would wear it out at night, chances are you shouldn't wear it to a job interview."  Local Manpower Branch Manager Delia Postell says that's a good rule of thumb when it comes to dress.

hinderp, typos or errors in a cover letter or resume.  Being late for an interview and trash talking a former boss or job.

No surprise, the survey also reveals employers take a close look at a candidate's internet footprint including postings on social networking sites.

Postell, who's also a member of SHRM says this is extremely relevant with the younger generation.

"Be very cautious of what you put out there," says Postell.

So what do employers like?

When asked which characteristics make a job candidate stand out the "most positively," 56% say skills directly applicable to the job.

Employers also say they'd pick an unpaid intern with skills directly in their field over someone with general job experience.

Postell says folks who are currently unemployed should see this as a cue to volunteer their time at a company in their field.

"You're getting out of the house, you're networking, you're being social, you're keeping yourself and your skills up to date."

Employers also say the best way to apply for an open position, is to submit a cover letter and resume directly through the organization's website.

"It means that you need to have a very, strong resume and it means that it needs to get the point, your resume needs to get to the point as quickly as possible," adds Postell.

Another tip, that objective at the top of your resume may not be necessary, 47% of people surveyed say it's irrelevant.

Human resources officials also say it's not a good idea to ask about vacation or sick time prematurely.

When it comes to salary, 39% say it's only okay to ask during the interview if it's brought up by the person conducting the interview.

Also, the one line employers say you shouldn't use during an interview is, "This is my dream job."

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