Exclusive: Crack thrown out window in high speed chase

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

BARBOUR COUNTY, AL (WTVM) -  120 miles per hour.

That is how high the speedometer went as a Barbour County Sheriff's Deputy chased a Nissan Maxima.

The driver: 40-year-old Arthur Baxter.

"They were actually doing a license checkpoint in Clayton, Alabama and the subject didn't stop at the checkpoint took off. A pursuit followed and it ended up taking place over about thirty miles of county roads in Barbour County," said Barbour County Sheriff LeRoy Upshaw.

And according to the sheriff, Baxter was multi-tasking during the chase, negotiating sharp turns, dodging sheriff's cruisers and getting rid of some illegal belongings.

"He can be observed in the video of the chase throwing away what appears to us to be crack cocaine, throwing it out the window several different times," Upshaw said.

But believe it or not, the sheriff says the drugs weren't the reason he ran from the cops.

"He stated that he ran because he didn't want to get another DUI and that he just didn't want to get any tickets."

No such luck. Deputies and state troopers issued Baxter more than 50 citations after he finally wrecked his car in a field.

He was found by the Sheriff and tracking dogs about a half mile away hiding in the mud.

That makes two high speed chases this week alone for the Barbour Sheriff's Office.

Thirty-year-old Curtis Ware also led authorities on a 15 mile stretch through Eufaula and the county, topping 115 miles an hour before he crashed.

"As long as they keep running, we're going to keep chasing them," the Sheriff added.

Along with his 50 or so traffic tickets, Arthur Baxter also faces criminal charges including reckless endangerment and felony attempting to elude.

He is in the Barbour County Jail.

As for the other chase, officials say several warrants have been issued for Curtis Ware.

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