Carlton Gary granted funds to hire DNA expert

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  A judge has granted convicted "Stocking Strangler", Carlton Gary, the funds to hire a DNA expert. 

The DNA results are still pending in Gary's Muscogee County Superior Court case.

In December of 2009, with his execution pending, Gary filed a motion for DNA testing in trial court which was denied.

Gary appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court and a hearing was ordered in trial court during which the state and Gary agreed to have items tested.

Now, Gary wants the court to provide federal funding for expert assistance in regards to that DNA testing.

His attorney, John Martin, contends the DNA samples are decades old and require sophisticated knowledge of genetics.

Gary wants to hire Dr. Greg Hampikian.  Hampikian is a DNA specialist and Professor of Biology and Criminal Justice at Boise State University, in Boise, Idaho.  He normally charges $200.00 per hour for his services.

United States District Judge for the Middle District of Georgia Clay D. Land has approved up to $7,500 for Gary and his counsel.

In a memorandum, Land states the case is "unusual" and recognizes the importance of a DNA expert.