"Bubble Gum Bandit's" case expands to Phenix City

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  His nickname may seem funny- the alleged "Bubble Gum Bandit."

But Columbus investigators say Tyrone Love's crimes and the thousands of dollars in damage he left behind are no joke.

Love was arrested Tuesday night in southeast Columbus after police say he went on a spree, breaking into 30 businesses in the city and getting away with their bubble gum machines.

Phenix City Police now believe Love made his way across the river during his burglary blitz, stealing $750 worth of machines from this pizza place on HWY 431. The owner says they didn't have any money inside.

But Tyrone Love is no stranger to the system.

Muscogee County Superior Court records show in 2006 he pled guilty and was sentenced to probation for Financial Transaction Card Theft and Fraud at a local Summit gas station.

Then, records show he pled guilty to five counts of forgery and in 2007, was sentenced to 10 years, 2 of which he served behind bars.

In 2009, Recorder's Court records show he was back at it, pleading guilty to Shoplifting and Giving False information to police.

Police are still investigating if Love is also the man behind other business burglaries in the area.

Also up in the air, whether or not he made out like a bandit..as the saying goes..with his suspected bubble gum loot.

Tyrone Love is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing in Columbus Thursday morning.

He is being held in the Muscogee County Jail.

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