Man finds pet dog strangled, tied to fence

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

VALLEY, AL (WTVM) -  Danny Ferrell came home Wednesday from a long day of work, ready for a quiet night with the family at his Valley, Alabama home. Then he saw his dog, Marley, tied to a fence post, strangled to death.           

Valley Chief of Police, Tommy Weldon, says "The neighbors I spoke with have not had any problems with the dog previously."

Farrell says he didn't even have time to comprehend it all before his 6 and 7-year-old daughters and their mother drove up, "They came right up and before I could cut my dog off the post they come up the driveway and I turned them around and told her when she gets to the road to call me."

Where Danny Ferrell lives, there's not a leash law, so dogs can roam around -- which is how his pet Marley got into a neighbors pen with her dog.

Chief Weldon says the neighbors tried to remove the Marley, "They had in turn tried to get the animal out of the pen and during this time the animal they got out a small rope and got it out of the pen."

The man who tied Marley up says he knocked on Mr. Ferrell's door and then decided to do what he saw best, tie him to a post. Ferrell sees things differently.

"They could have put my dog in my fence right here that would have been fine until I got home and tell me what was going on." says Ferrell.

The case is still under investigation but Valley's Police Chief says Marley the dog could have done this to himself. "Anytime you put an animal that's not used to having leashed on they can be very resistant to that." says Weldon.

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