Heisman Trophy makes a stop in Auburn

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Heisman trophy made its way to Auburn University today. Bringing with it 1985 Heisman trophy winner Bo Jackson. It's all part of national tour sponsored by sports illustrated.

The Heisman trophy and Jackson's visit comes amidst allegations against auburn quarterback and Heisman trophy front runner Cam Newton. Is this coincidence or not? Auburn fan and alumni Gwendolyn Hatcher doesn't think so.

"No because it belongs here. I'm excited I think we have a Change to win and go all the way," Hatcher said.

"I think he's got it all wrapped up, I don't see any other college football players that can measure up to cam this year, just waiting for the day to deliver it back to auburn," Auburn fans said.

Despite recent controversy surrounding Newton even Georgia fans believe in "Cam-a-lot".

"I think he deserves it actually, he's good, best I've seen in a long time," Georgia fans said.

While being interviewed by Sports Illustrated's Dan Patrick, Heisman trophy winner Bo Jackson told a group of fans what he thought about the people making allegations against Cam Newton

"That's what I said if you going to make a comment about somebody grow a pair and put your name by it, grow a pair and put your name by it," Jackson said.

Jackson says that Auburn and Cam Newton is under attack, but if he had his way Cam would be the next Heisman trophy winner.

"I don't like to put the cart before the horse, but, I said three weeks ago, I've already sent my ballot in and if it's my choice we'll have a third Heisman trophy here at Auburn University," Jackson said.

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