St. Francis time capsule opened after 50+ years

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The time capsule took many graduates from the St Francis Nursing School down memory lane. Margarita Torres Callahan, a student in the last graduating class of the St. Francis Nursing School, recalls it being the best around. "Truthfully the best years of my educational life," explained Callahan.

Existence of the time capsule has been rumored for many years. "It was sort of an urban legend around the hospital that maybe there was a time capsule in that building that had been left there by the Sisters, but no one really knew for sure," said St. Francis Hospital CEO.

The metal box was discovered when contractors were removing the Ave Maria cornerstone to place in a new building.

The capsule was removed from behind the cornerstone on Thursday in front of the former students, nurses, and others. They watched in awe as the items were taken out of the box.

Newspapers, Catholic saints and prayers were carefully pulled out of the box. Gwen Myers, a nursing student in the 60's, remembers when the sisters put together the time capsule.  The preserved pictures brought tears to her eyes. "So many of the sisters are not living now. They would be very proud," said Myers.

The President and CEO of St. Francis, Robert Granger, said "the prayers we believe led to the many years of great service that we have had here. All that wonderful prayer and support that we had back then and still have today."

Some of the artifacts will be stored in a museum while others will be placed in a time capsule, along with items from 2010, and placed in the new building. St. Francis plans to continue to this pass history on and one day astonish another generation of people.

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