East AL mother can't lose with Auburn-Oregon game

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL  (WTVM) -  Sue Lynn is the mother of Libby - a graduate of Auburn University, and Katie - a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Lynn says past two months have been exciting ones to say the least.

So exciting she says, she'll have to watch the BCS National Championship alone because, "I'll be rooting for every single play on each side."

As the days get closer to the big game, so does the rivalry between her two daughters, "I think they've gotten more into it, I hear one will text war eagle and the other one will text and say go ducks!"

While in Oregon spending Thanksgiving with her daughter Katie, the family watched the Iron Bowl before heading to the Arizona-Oregon game, "I made them wear Auburn sunglasses and held up a 'War Eagle' sign."

Lynn says she has no preference who wins the game, she loves both teams, but says it's been hysterical watching the two cities, Auburn and Eugene, speak of one another.

"Early on down here some people would say, 'now where is Oregon?' and out there some people would say, 'What is a War Eagle?!'"

Besides a misunderstanding of each other, Lynn says the two schools and their fans are very similar.

"Gung ho, diehard fans. You trade a sea of blue and orange for another sea of yellow and green."

Lynn says she thinks the game on January 10th will be extremely close. A game she says will keep fans from both teams on pins and needles, "both teams look great, both teams have played exceptionally well, both have really good coaches, really good coaching."

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