The dos and don'ts of New Year's kissing

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

By Nicole Collins

WASHINGTON (CNN) - When the clock strikes 12 on New Year's, many will be toasting and many more will most likely be kissing.

Of all the holiday traditions, there's probably nothing more universally iconic than the New Year's Eve kiss.

Did you know "who" you smooch at the stroke of midnight, may determine if you're in for a year of good fortune or bad luck?

A tradition that started with the ancient Romans according kissing expert and author Andrea Demirjian and she says still today.

It pays to kiss in the new year.

Kiss someone of a good heart and you're in for a year of good fortune, "The idea is that if you kiss someone a little mysterious or inauspicious you might be heading down a path of not the best luck," says Demirjian.

Before you pucker up, there are some do's and don'ts.  

Demirjian suggests you freshen up, especially if you've been drinking, "You don't want your kissing dinged on a technicality like foul breath or chapped lips".

Hold off on kissing during the day, to make it more exciting at midnight.  In public, keep the kiss simple.  

If you're single , don't fret, kissing is for everyone -- Grab a friend, loved one or even your pet.
"New Year's Eve is like the 007 license to kiss so I always encourage people to be spontaneous," says Demirjian.

From the experts lips to your ears.  

Cheers to sealing your new year with a kiss.

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