Tornado clean-up continues in Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - It has been two weeks since a powerful EF 1 tornado ripped through parts of East Alabama. Residents in Auburn are still cleaning up massive amounts of debris from their homes and property

David Weiss has spent days using a chain saw to clear debris from his home on Elkins Drive in Auburn.

"I didn't anticipate the longevity of the cleanup. And how long it was going to take it has been like a Pandora's box, the more you get in and see the more it just isn't normal," says Weiss.

David Rosenblatt's family spent Thanksgiving in a hotel, after massive pine trees crushed their Auburn home during the storm.

"There is a lot of work, clean up will be ongoing for quite some time," says Rosenblatt.

EMA Director Kathy Russell, says 47 homes were destroyed in the storm, 100 suffered moderate damage, and homes that sustained minor damage were too numerous to count.

Damage in Lee County will top several million dollars and Auburn city leaders expect damages to reach $5 million. Clean up is expected to last at least another month.

Rosenblatt is hoping his family will be able to move back in for the holidays.  He says he still has much to be thankful for, during a time of year when they celebrate miracles.

"Talk about a blessing, we weren't home when it happened and none of my neighbors suffered any severe injuries…I mean that is just a miracle."

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