Pinterest website helps boost businesses

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The website Pinterest has only been around for a year, but already it is one of the most popular online social networking sites. The main concept of the website is to act as a virtual pin board for people to save inspirational pictures and tutorials, and now some store owners are using the site to help boost business.

According to a new study, Pinterest is the 5th largest referral site for retailers, and some local businesses are taking full advantage.

Kimberly Durham, the manager at The Blue Door Boutique said, "Pinterest has helped us expand our business nationwide. Women all over are pinning our stuff."

The Blue Door Boutique hasn't created their own pin boards, but Durham says they are seeing their clothes and accessories pop up all over the website, "We've actually put a "Pin It" button on our website and that way people can pin our stuff directly from our website and they can purchase it from there."

Businesses like Pursona are actually using Pinterest to show off their goods, and their good deals. Owner Angie Dorchak explained, "We pin things we may have in the store. If they want to follow a trend they know they can get that item here at the store and usually for a lot less than you'll see in magazines."

It may seem like an easy way to market your company, but owner Angie Dorchak says she wasn't on board at first, "If you ask anyone, I fought Facebook and anything with technology, but I will tell you, it has definitely changed our business. I cannot believe that it's that easy to use. People are on their phones, iPads and it's really easy for them to keep up with us."

Plus it's a huge compliment when they see just how many people have "pinned" their merchandise.

"Not only is it great to inspire wardrobes for others but it just shows how easy it is to order with a simple click," added Durham.

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