FBI joining in to identify bones found in Opelika

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) – The Federal Bureau of Investigations is joining in on efforts to identify a child's skull and other remains found late January in Opelika.

Lee County District Attorney Robbie Treese says the child's skull off of Hurst Street is being sent to FBI crime lab at Quantico in Virginia, along with human skeletal remains investigators discovered near the same location.

Meanwhile, investigators are hoping forensic test results will pin point the age, race, gender and other specific details that could narrow the search and help identify the child.

Capt. Bruce DeLong with the Opeilka Police Department says, "Obviously we still have our broadcast out there to other agencies region wide and state wide, trying to get them to check their files hoping for feedback, but a lot depends on the information we receive and get back from the lab so we can put a lot more info into the teletype to the other agencies so we can come up with an answer.

Investigators say the homicide investigation continues as they await forensic test results on the remains from the FBI and state crime lab. They believe someone knows something about a missing child that relates to this case, and they are urging them to come forward.

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