Alabamians react to Updyke trial delay

A Lee County Circuit Judge ended the Harvey Updyke trial saying the jury pool was tainted.

Judge Jacob Walker made the decision after hearing many in the jury pool knew of Updyke's alleged confession to the Auburn Plainsman that he poisoned the two Auburn oak trees.

News of the delay spread quickly. Alabama fans questioned if Updyke could get a fair trial in Lee County.

"I don't know about Auburn. I think they have to move it somewhere else. I think he will get a fair trial there," Willie Crum said.

But Auburn fans say Updyke should face some sort of justice somewhere.

"If you did wrong and the prove you wrong you got to do your time," Melvin Braxton said.

Radio talk show host Paul Finebaum has this reaction to the delay:

"I can't say I'm disappointed. I'd much rather go to work in Birmingham than be at trial in Auburn," Finebaum said.

Finebaum was set to be the very first prosecution witness. Updyke allegedly called into the Finebaum Radio Network to confess to the crime as 'Al from Dadeville'.

"I don't think there is any question he is ultimately to blame for the media circus this case has become," Finebaum said.

Noted Birmingham defense attorney Roger Appell says the move by the judge was surprising.

"He shouldn't get any kind of benefit from his own actions, that is what I was suprised at. I think the judge was being overly cautious," Appell said.

Appell expects the trial will be still held in Lee County because there is no place in Alabama that has not heard of Harvey Updyke. Finebaum tells Fox6 News one place will not be a candidate for a new trial.

"I would say Tuscaloosa is the most unlikely trial for Harvey Updyke," Finebaum said.

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