Group helps restore historic cemetery

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - It may look like just another cemetery, but Logan Mitchell says Glennville Cemetery in Russell County is so much more.

"Really, the only thing left of Glennville besides some of the few old homes that are still here is this cemetery, and the people that are buried here," said Mitchell.

Glennville was one of the earliest settlements in this part of east Alabama when Native Americans still claimed the land here.

Buried here, are the town's founder, James Glenn, Civil War soldiers, and some of the first to call Russell County home.  Mitchell's own ancestors are resting here.

However, just a year ago, Mitchell says you could barely even see the grave markers. He says the ground was covered in at least a 100 years of growth.

"Everybody that is in this cemetery has a story to tell. Our relatives certainly had one to tell, and we are very proud of that story," said Mitchell.

That is why his cousin, David Mitchell with M.H. Mitchell Incorporated, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving southern history, took up the project. With the help of Panjic Lawncare, they cleared most of the brush, but Mitchell says there is still a lot to do.

"We have a lot of headstones out here that are broken, that are misplaced. We are going to repair some of these," said Mitchell.

With the weeds soon to be cleared away, Mitchell looks forward to the day when these East Alabama founders can have visitors again.

"Maintaining this graveyard where it can be visited and people can come and try to find some of their loved ones," said Mitchell.

If you would like to help restore the cemetery, click on the following link.

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