Bed bugs infest Columbus apartment building

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's hard to sleep tight when the bed bugs bite, and 66-year-old Thelma Randall says the bugs have been biting people in her apartment building for months.

"They have woke me up at night, crawling on my skin. They're little round, red looking things and when you smash one, you see your blood come out."

Once she realized her home was infested, Randall says she contacted management.

"I asked management [Ramona Neely] about getting the bed bugs treated and she told me I had to get on a waiting list," said Randall.

That was over a month ago. She's lived at the Government housing, Columbus Gardens apartments on 3rd Avenue for more than 10 years.

"They're in all my furniture.  I have to throw away my box spring and mattresses.  I have to throw away my sofa and my chair which is really good," said Randall.

Randall said she's not only suffering physically she's suffering emotionally.

"It's really painful. I've been depressed since I found out, crying and the depression, just finding out at your age that you have to get rid of stuff," Randall says. "The apartment here, I take care of it, I keep it clean.  I'm just doing what the Lord wants me to do to take care of my stuff."

Instead of waiting on management to do something about the bug problem, Randall has taken matters into her own hands but it's taking a bite out of her budget.

"I have to go into debt for a box spring and mattress. I'm on a fixed income; I don't have money to go into debt to a get box spring and mattress.  I have to throw away my good furniture that I have, I have to start all over again at my age. I went out to Piggly Wiggly and bought some bed bug spray.  I also went to Walmart and bought some mattress protectors so I will have a place to sleep at night," says Randall.

We reached out to the property manager Ramona Neely; she stated she had no comment and quickly hung up the phone.

Randall says she is currently looking for another place to live.

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