AU group spreads hunger awareness worldwide

AU group spreads hunger awareness worldwide

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - More than 1,500 people around the world have joined a fight to stop hunger and it all started  in Auburn when four young women were asked to change the world as a class assignment.

They sparked a global conversation by asking a simple question: why care about hunger?

"We wanted to empower people to really think about why they care and just to share those with others," explained Jennie Daniel, co-founder of the Why Care Campaign.

The Why Care Campaign asks for people to submit pictures telling why you care about hunger, written as a simple statement on a white board.

Soon after the project started in the spring, it hit the ground running and caught the eye of internationally recognized organizations.

"It started as a local campaign, but quickly grew over the summer when the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations and the UN World Food Program decided to pick it up as the official student lead initiative for World Food Day, which we were pretty excited about," said Devin Yeomans, another co- founder of the campaign.

To date, the Why Care Campaign has collected more than 1,600 pictures from people all over the world telling their own stories of why they care about hunger. Just this week, celebrity-singer, Christina Aguilera uploaded her own photo to the site in support of the fight.

"The next step is to take all of the statements that we've gotten and just kind of turn it around and say 'OK, so many of you have told us that you care, not what are you going to do about it?'" explains Aubrey Sullivan, co-founder of the Why Care Campaign.

"This has been the conversations starter, now it's time for the conversation to take off and to go more in depth," stated the last co-founder of the campaign, Anna Kate Mullinix.

The campaign team wants everyone to remember that hunger does exist in our own backyard and with the East Alabama food bank at its all-time low, now is the time to donate.

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