WTVM Exclusive: An inside look of the new Martin Army Hospital

WTVM Exclusive: An inside look of the new Martin Army Hospital

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A team of 400 construction workers start work at this site everyday at the crack of dawn. Drilling and hammering away, these men are all on a mission to get the new Martin Army Hospital up and running before the end of next year.

"We had a blank page to start with an architecture engineer worked very hard to build energy efficiency and sustainability features into the design of the facility."

We were given an inside look Wednesday at this state-of-the-art hospital. Project executive Martin Miller says that the building is an energy saver designed to cut down on the use of everyday utilities.

"The heating systems and the lighting systems have been very designed to take full advantage of the natural daylight that the building afford," Miller said.

The new facility is also expected to provide better resources than the current 50-year-old hospital on post that will be shut down after the new hospital opens.

"We are replacing that facility with our out patient model which will also have 70 beds but in a chassis that is 745 thousand square feet so really geared more towards outpatient medicine,"said Lieutenant Colonel Ross Davidson.

To put together this complex building plan, builders use a number of computer generated models and for the first time are designing and building the hospital simultaneously.

"This is the first design build hospital that has ever been done by the army and so we are going through a learning curve not only us but the contractor and also the user," Alan Bugg said.

This new innovative way of construction has cut down the building time of the hospital. Builders say the project is a little over 50 percent complete it is expected to give soldiers and their families some of the best care in the country.

"They  are moving from a very antiquated facility into a state of the art facility so using their skills and helping them optimize the building performance to really dedicate that to serving the patients the best they can."

The new hospital is expected to be open for soldiers and their family in the fall of 2014.

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