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Monday, August 12, 2002


Falling in love was a dangerous mistake for today's guests. One woman says her ex-boyfriend vowed to destroy her new relationship and sadly, he was successful. She says she and her boyfriend always felt wary of her ex but never suspected he posed a deadly threat. You'll also meet a woman who says she and her entire family were almost killed by her exhusband. One day his violent temper flew out of control and he went to her house with a gun. The police were called and violent gunfire broke out. In the end he was shot 8 times…but he survived. To this day our guest says his threats against her continue and she fears he'll be back to finish her off. Clinical Psychologist Carol Friedland will be on the show to talk about what Montel's guests can do to overcome their violent memories and relationships. Corporal John Tudbury is an officer involved with one of the cases discussed today. He'll talk about law enforcement's role in protecting women from dangerous relationships.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002


Four American survivors will talk to Montel about how they became hostages. In July of 2000, Montel's guests took-off on a rock climbing adventure to Kyrgystan, Central Asia. For 2 weeks they had a great time then, suddenly, they became the shooting targets of Islamic militants and were taken hostage. Thinking they would be killed, one decided to take heroic action and pushed one of their captors over a cliff. Believing the fall had killed this man, they ran for 6 miles until they were finally rescued. Montel will get their personal accounts of 6 threatening days of captivity…but their story doesn't end there. The Islamic militant who was pushed, supposedly to his death, was still very much alive, and in a bazaar twist of fate they all met again… Montel's guests' stories are featured in the book Over The Edge by Greg Child. He will also be on the show.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002


Montel has reunited many guests with lost loved ones over the years, and in some cases the meetings are bittersweet. In A MOTHER'S CHOICE: DRUGS OR MY DAUGHTER (aired 11/26/01), Montel brought a mother and daughter back together after a 10-year separation. Montel gave this daughter a chance to ask her mom how she could have left her for drugs. Today you'll get an update. Montel also reunited a guest with her mother and sisters, who she had not seen in 15 years, on UNUSUAL STORIES OF IDENTITY (aired 3/25/02). Montel will follow-up with them to find out if their relationships have grown. Plus, on ARE YOU REALLY MY DAD? (aired 2/4/02), Montel helped a young woman learn the truth about her father. She believed the person she knew as her father, who was actually an intersexed woman, was her biological dad. Sadly, she learned the truth - that it was biologically impossible for her to be her father. Montel spoke with these two women to find out what they've been doing since the show.

Thursday, August 15, 2002


Montel's guests are asking themselves why they continue to love the men in their lives, when there are so many reasons not to. One woman has been with her boyfriend for 4 years and in that time he has cheated on her several times…once with her own sister. Her sister and boyfriend both have contradicting stories as to the extent of the affair and today she'll finally learn the truth. Another woman wants to marry her boyfriend but her family is against their union. You'll also meet a teen who admits she's a control freak. She tells her boyfriend where to go and what to say, but only because she's afraid she'll lose him. Montel will try to help this 17 yearold get the counseling she needs before her self-destructive behavior destroys her relationship. Jeanne Safer, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and author of Forgiving and Not Forgiving. She'll talk to today's guests to help them understand how some of their behaviors are selfdestructive.

Friday, August 16, 2002


Today Montel will visit with former guests to find out what has changed in their lives since their first appearance on MONTEL. One couple needed the results of a paternity test before they could get married. Another couple needed to have a few questions answered before they could tie the knot. Last time, they got their answers. Find out if they are happily married today. Montel also got an update from a woman who believed her fiancé was searching for excuses to delay their wedding. They set a date for their wedding the last time they were on the show. Find out if they are now husband and wife. Plus, and update on an unusual story. A woman came to Montel for a DNA test because she believed her twins had different fathers. She got the test result, but what did that mean for the rest of her life? Today's guests have previously appeared on the following shows:

• BEFORE WE MARRY, I NEED THE TRUTH! (aired 11/27/01)
• SHE GOT PREGNANT TO TRAP ME (aired 1/29/02)
• BEFORE WE MARRY, WE NEED TO TALK (aired 3/25/02)
• WHY WON'T YOU MARRY ME? (aired 10/4/01)