How the CEO of McDonalds lost weight while eating McDonalds

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(WTVM) - Don Thompson is proud to say that he lost 20 lbs., especially considering his current occupation.

He is the CEO of McDonalds. Thompson has had the job for less than a year, but is already adapting new habits into his lifestyle routine to prevent gaining too much weight.

But Thompson's secret shouldn't come as a surprise to most. Despite eating at McDonalds "every, single day", he managed to drop the weight by getting his "butt up" and "working out again." He noted that Europeans walk a lot and they are rarely obese.

"And so I think that balance is really important to people," said Thompson.

Fast-food is criticized for driving up obesity rates, but many companies are trying to turn that image around. Coca-Cola Co. recently started a campaign highlighting their low-calorie drinks as well as a balanced lifestyle.

McDonalds has also revamped their menu with items that include salads, chicken wraps, and egg white breakfast sandwiches.

Thompson, however, noted that salads make up just 2-3% of sales.

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