Bank error puts Georgia woman's account $300 million in the red

(WTVM) - A Georgia woman's bank account is in the red…to the tune of $300 million!

Ann Wiley is trying to get to the bottom of the error, but no one knows how it happened. She says three separate instances of $100 million charges to her account have frozen her assets.

Sun Trust Bank told Wiley the problem was with the Department of Revenue.

She says she can't access her money until the issue is resolved.

"Friends are keeping me afloat. I can't get anything from my account obviously. I can't pay any bills or buy any food or put gas in my car…I can't even get really mad at it. I'm thinking, 'OK, any minute now somebody is going to realize this and fix it.' It's a huge mistake. It's got to be," says Wiley.

The bank is telling her the error may be from the remaining $274 balance of a sale from 2004.

But for now, how $274 became $300 million is anyone's guess.

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