Wednesday, August 21, 2002

8:00 PM        MY WIFE AND KIDS

The Bowling Show
It's a bowling fight to the death when Michael - who would rather have stayed home and watched a big boxing match — is pitted on the lanes against his archenemy, Stu Tyler, and Stu's entire annoying family. And the bowling alley is overrun with trekkies — who believe Claire is a Romulan Queen.

8:30 PM           MY WIFE AND KIDS

Jr. Gets His License"
When Jr. finally gets his driver's license, he buys his first car ? a dilapidated, gear-grinding, backfiring clunker ? instead of the sensible car that Michael picked out for him. And, right before school picture day, Claire's vanity takes a hit when her face becomes swollen from a tooth abscess.

9:00 PM          THE DREW CAREY SHOW

The Eagle Has Landed
In another first, Drew Carey and his talented cast, including ad-lib champ Ryan Stiles and guest star Kathy Griffin, step up to the challenge and put their comedic talents to work as they act out an entire episode working solely with script outlines and they ad-lib all of their dialogue. In the episode, Drew's home becomes a protected nesting ground when a bald eagle lands on his roof and later vandalizes his home. Kathy, a prospective employee who asks Drew out on a date, is later traumatized when the eagle eats her dog. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis' illegal house in the park is discovered by a young boy who blackmails them for their homemade cookies.


"A Shot in the Dark"
August 21
(Original Airdate: 2/13/02)
Drew thinks he's finally gotten lucky in love when he begins dating a beautiful cop (guest star Jenny McCarthy). But after he discovers that, beneath her gorgeous exterior, she's an obnoxious chain-smoker with a psychotic temper, he's too terrified to break up with her. Meanwhile, Lewis feels left out when Oswald and Colleen's romance escalates.


Dr. Drummond-Webb is diagnosed with cancer and the hospital staff pledges to care for him. Three-year-old Johnta wins the hearts of the entire ICU staff while waiting for a new heart.