How does Columbus tap water compare to bottled water?

How does Columbus tap water compare to bottled water?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Imagine saving hundreds of dollars just by ditching the habit of buying bottled water.

If you live in Columbus you may be able to do just that, and still have the same quality water.

Many of us buy spring water, purified water and mineral water, thinking it's better for our bodies, but after putting tap water to the test, News Leader Nine found out that Columbus's tap water is just as safe.

It goes from flowing in the Chattahoochee River to flowing out of your faucet, but there's a long process in between to get Columbus tap water just right.

Tap water is a stigma in many cities, but if you live in Columbus, drink up! This water goes through a series of machines and tests to make sure it's safe.

William Kent, who is the manager for water quality at Columbus Water Works, said "The chlorine disinfects and takes away any bacteria that may be in the water and the fluoride of course is to help reinforce your teeth."

Kent explained that the drinking water in the city of Columbus is better than many other cities.

He said, "I can say the water in Columbus is very good I have worked for Columbus Water works for 20 years and we have won a contest for best tasting water."

So News Leader Nine put Columbus tap water to the test to see how it stacks up to some of the top selling bottled waters.

Davis Knight from the Engineering and Equipment Company helped checked the iron levels, PH and hardness.

Knight said, "The first thing we are going to test for is the hardness which is the contents of the minerals in the water."

All of our tests show that Columbus water is just as safe as bottled water.

Knight commented, "There's nothing unhealthy about it by any means."

Kent explained, "They also need to know is it's a lot cheaper than bottled water. You can buy two 55 gallon drums of Columbus water for the same price as a 32 pack of bottled water."

Knight drinks about 5 big bottles of water a day.

For example, if each bottle costs $2, that's $10 a day, $70 a week.

Knight explained he saves cash by reaching for the sink instead of a store shelf.

If you really want to be sure your tap water is safe you can always buy a drinking water test kit for about $10.

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