Sunday, August 4, 2002


David Alan Grier and Vivica A. Fox star as a married couple who literally exchanged personalities, thanks to their children and some old-fashioned New Orleans magic offered up by the couple's mystical neighbor. David Alan Grier stars as Dan Anderson, an NFL quarterback whose career has about had it. He gets one last chance to play for the New Orleans Saints and hopefully achieve his lifelong dream of making it to the Super Bowl. MOving his family for the umpteenth time, he takes them to the New Orleans mansion which, like Dan has seen better days. Although Dan and his wife, Sara (Ms. Fox), are devoted to each other, their children, are concerned about the constant bickering. When a flamboyant, mystical neighbor, Fanny Moye, reveals that the house was once owned by a sorceress, it doesn't take long for the kids to find a secret room and all the necessary ingredients to concoct a potion that inadvertently results in Dan's personality inhabiting Sara's body and vice versa.

9:00 PM        ALIAS

10:00 PM      THE PRACTICE

Man and Superman
The wife of a schizophrenic who thinks he's Superman seeks Jimmy's legal counsel after her husband accidentally causes harm to an innocent victim while under hospital care. As it seems impossible to prove what was actually going through the man's head when he caused the accident, the jury must sort through the legal finger-pointing to determine who — the defendant, his wife or the hospital — is ultimately at fault.