New Bracelet Could Make Passwords a Thing of the Past

New Bracelet Could Make Passwords a Thing of the Past

(WTVM) - A Canadian company promises you'll never need a password to unlock an account again because of the Bionym bracelet.

Imagine flipping open your laptop and instead of typing in your child's name or birthday, your computer automatically unlocks.

The device was developed to make passwords a thing of the past.

The company claims it will replace bank cards, credit cards, key cards and will know who you are when you walk into a room.

It's supposed to unlock your tablet or smart phone as well and may do all of that just by reading senses from your body.

Derek Benfield, the manager at Radio Shack in Columbus, said "It picks up off of your heartbeat. It registers your pulse. There are several devices out there on the market that are able to do this. It just so happens this one enables you to create a password for you."

Benfield said the ECG sensor is also used in athletic devices to help with exercise and weight loss.

He explained, "These are more for athleticism just checking how many calories you've burned."

The CEO of Bionym, Karl Martin, commented the sensor in the wristband creates a unique pattern unlike any other products.

"There's actually unique characteristics that relate to the size of the heart, the position of the heart and the physiology surrounding the heart," said Martin.

He claimed if someone else puts on the wristband it doesn't work and it's more secure than fingerprint, face or even iris scans.

Benfield said he's going to wait until all the glitches, if there are any, are worked out.

He explained, "Anytime new technology comes out you have to give it a little time let it progress and advance."

Shoppers can pre-order a Bionym bracelet for approximately $80 and it's expected to hit the market next spring.

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