All hope of finding your way around Fort Benning is "Not Lost"

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Have you ever tried to use your GPS or smart phone to find an address on Fort Benning but it just didn't get the job done?

The developers of a free app called "Not Lost" say you're not alone. That's why they've teamed up with the directorate of Family MWR to put an end to that problem once and for all.

"We're all about improving quality of life for soldiers and families, and this app does just that," said Al Gelineau, Family MWR director.

Whether you're a new soldier at Fort Benning going through the orientation process or a veteran checking the distance to the nearest hole on the golf course, this app aims to answer all of your questions.

"You have a newcomers' process, and that means you have to go to certain buildings and do certain things," said Gelineau. "This app will essentially give you a guided tour to those buildings and tell you what form you need to bring and why you need to bring it."

One of the ways this app improves upon existing GPS technology is it allows you to find a building without knowing the street address, which the developers say is helpful because structures at Fort Benning are more commonly referred to by their associated number.

"It will help them out a lot, because they don't know where they're going," said Sgt. Joshua Black. "I get calls from new soldiers all the time asking me where Building Four is and it's the biggest building on Fort Benning. So it would really help out a lot as far as getting new soldiers around and getting their families around. It's really great to hear that the MWR is doing something like that."

Beyond just helping to navigate the post, the app also has a feature for soldiers who want to report misconduct or seek counseling confidentially. Clicking a link will put them in touch with an Army chaplain without involving a commanding officer.

"It reaches out to young people who need this help the most, who need these features the most, and it puts it at their fingertips, where before, you were going to a web site, or calling," said Gelineau. "This is almost instantaneous, right in the palm of your hand, if you have an iPhone or an Android."

The developers of this application said they started out creating software for virtual tours of state parks and they made the transition to guiding soldiers and their families military installations when they discovered that getting around post can be just as challenging as navigating through the wilderness.

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