34-year-old David Scott shot in the head on 7th St.

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Homicide detectives are looking for a suspect driving a gold, or tan, Ford pick-up truck in the investigation of a murder that took place at the intersection of 7th St. and Coolidge Ave. on September 19, 2013. 

Investigators say 34-year-old David Scott was shot and killed during the incident. Scott was taken to Columbus Regional Medical Center and pronounced dead in the early morning on September 20.

According to police, when the officers first arrived at the scene, they found a white Chevrolet Impala in the middle of the road with its back wheels on the curb. Scott was in the driver's seat, and had been shot in the head.

Another passenger was also in the car at the time, but he was unharmed.

Witnesses say they heard a series of bullets fired in this apparent drive-by shooting. Tyrecquiss Shaewaun Wells has been arrested and charged with this crime.

La'Derek Dowsey lives near the scene of the crime. "I was at home, fixing to walk out the door, and it just happened. I went back in, turned around, and laid on the ground. Then, I heard more gunshots," she says.

Charles Gorman also heard several gun shots. "The vehicle was sitting there, and I heard, I counted about fourteen to fifteen shots. I didn't worry this much about being shot when I was in Vietnam."

Police have taken one man into custody, but they are still searching for another suspect.

Scott's sister, Shavon Tolbert, believes the murder was intentional. She says the killer took Scott away from his family and kids, and does not know the pain they're experiencing. "It ain't no accident to shoot somebody in the head that many times," she says. "Not an accident. That was somebody who was heartless."

This same vehicle description, gold or tan Ford pick-up truck, was also given by witnesses at another shooting that happened in Columbus within minutes of this incident.

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