Military Matters: Veterans and Job Readiness

Military Matters: Veterans and Job Readiness

(WTVM) - See if you remember this catchphrase from an old TV commercial: "The Navy- it's not just a job, it's an adventure."

What happens when the adventure ends and it's time to get a job in the civilian world?

News Leader 9's Chuck Leonard has the answer in this week's Military Matters.

"Well, I've served in the military for 34 years and I still serve in the Alabama National Guard," said Mark LaJoye with the Alabama National Guard.

LaJoye may be the exception rather than the rule when it comes to soldiers transitioning out of the military. But the Georgia Labor Department doesn't turn anyone down, especially military veterans.

In fact, the department is conducting job readiness workshops across the state to prepare those in uniform for life as a civilian.

Military veterans are getting help with mock interviews and resume writing. But why is there such a need?

"In the next four years, we're expecting between 50,000 and 80,000 veterans to return to Georgia," said Cindy Morley with the Georgia Department of Labor.

Finding jobs for those veterans is a top priority of the state's labor commissioner.

"These are men and women, who've sacrificed a lot for this country and to this state to keep us safe, and I think we owe it to them as a state and an agency to do everything that we can to make sure they have a place in the workforce," said Mark Butler, Georgia Labor Commissioner.

Katina Sanders put in eight years with the Army, and she's grateful for the assistance.

"Anything that can help the veteran to kind of gain access into know, cause once we leave the military we are going to need some help getting out there into the civilian sector," said Sanders. "We need to know how to transition."

LaJoye says doing so is critical.

"You know it's tough out there, there's a tough world," LaJoye said. "There's a big market for soldiers out there, and there's a lot of soldiers that are kind of flooding the market right now, especially with the reductions and size of troops, things of that nature. So these little tips and everything will kind of set you aside, you know."

LaJoye has come to the workshop for help with his resume, because military or not, it never hurts to keep that updated.

Additionally, Columbus State University will host a labor department event next month called "Paychecks for Patriots." It's a career expo designed to help those in the military find jobs in the civilian workforce.

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