WTVM 60th Anniversary: A familiar face on ABC News 20/20

WTVM 60th Anniversary: A familiar face on ABC News 20/20

(WTVM) - We're looking back at six decades of broadcasting in Columbus as WTVM celebrates its 60th birthday this week.

On Thursday, we brought you a familiar face from network television who once operated out of these studios.

Deborah Roberts has been a fixture on ABC's 20/20 since 1995. That's the same year she married weatherman Al Roker and they have two children together.

We had a chance to sit down with Deborah and talk about News Leader 9.

Chuck: "I'll try to keep these questions short Deborah. Tell us when you were here and what you did?"

Deborah:  "Hey Chuck, how are you? It's so great to see you and everybody there in Columbus, Georgia. Oh wow, it is hard to believe that it's been 60 years, because I still remember like it was yesterday, and of course I wasn't there 60 years ago, but I can remember like it was yesterday being there at WTVM.

"I started right out of college, my very first job out of college in 1982, and I remember working with Andy Still and Mitzi Oxford. Those names ring a bell?  It was just really terrific to get my feet wet in this business. I reported in LaGrange, Georgia. I covered the county commission, of course, and just did all kinds of interesting stories there.

"I also learned what I didn't know about this business. Got yelled at a couple of times by the news director about stories not being in-depth enough. But I learned a lot there in Columbus and it put me on the path to where I am today, and I will forever be indebted to WTVM. So congratulations and happy anniversary!"

Chuck: "I assume you still have family in Georgia. Do you make it back down this way often?"

Deborah: "I do still have family. I have a sister and a mother who both live in Perry, Georgia, which is not that far from you, and I do get down to Georgia. Unfortunately, I don't get to Columbus, Georgia very often. But hey, you're 60 years old, I guess I better come over and have some birthday cake and celebrate."

Deborah says she was pressed into service to do the weather on WTVM. It happened only once, and in her words, it was a disaster.

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