Self-defense instructors offer safety tips

Self-defense instructors offer safety tips

(WTVM) - The recent rash of sexual assaults across the Chattahoochee Valley has raised safety concerns for many, pushing some to seek ways to defend themselves.

Tyrone McCoy spoke with a self defense instructor about important safety tips to know.

Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation, instructors at Gracie Barra – a jujitsu facility in Columbus – say knowing what to do could make a difference

They offer men's and women's self defense classes that focus on making their techniques second nature.

For those who can't make a class, instructors offer three safety tips they say are easy to do and remember.

"Number one, be aware of your surroundings," said Brittan Bell. "It sounds cliché', lots of people say it, but it's really something that works. Number two, if you're attacked, you want to be able to create space with your hands, with your legs. You fall to the ground, you've got your legs to be able to kick, anything like that. And three, if you can't create any space, if they're just attacking you continuously, then what you need to do is be able to find an establishment that teaches some sort of self defense that you can go to regularly."

The instructors also recommend walking with your keys in hand -- ready to use as protection.

Gracie Barra's next women's self defense class will be held on Saturday March 29 at 9 a.m.

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