World War II era brought to life for Memorial Day weekend

World War II era brought to life for Memorial Day

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In honor of Memorial Day weekend, members of the historical reenactment group Kelly's Zeroes were at the World War II Company Street behind the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Ga. on Saturday, May 24, recreating the World War II era military for present day families to experience .

The entire village exhibit is authentically World War II--from the military artifacts, uniforms and the buildings themselves, right down to the lack of air conditioning in the summer heat.

One member of Kelly's Zeroes says the most important part of what they do is honoring those who have fought for our freedom.

"Veterans just love it, especially World War II veterans that are still alive," says Carey Woodall, a member of Kelly's Zeroes. "They follow us around. They go to these events, and when we get done, we simply ask them, 'Did we do it correctly in your honor?' And if they give us a thumbs up, we did our job."

Kelly's Zeroes has about 30 members who pride themselves on accuracy. The group does about twenty reenactments each year.  For more information on their events, visit their Facebook page.

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