Columbus mayor answers questions from residents

Columbus mayor answers questions from residents

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson spoke with city residents at the 15th quarterly 'Let's Talk with the Mayor' event.

It's a public forum where people can meet the mayor and ask her a question directly.

Among the people who came to ask mayor Tomlinson questions at her forum was military veteran, Stanley Dixon.  He had a question that many in the armed forces community may also be wondering.

"I was curious about the tax exemption program that they have for property owned by military personnel around here.  When I first moved here in 2007, we were given that tax option, and three years later, that tax option was taken away. Myself and other military personnel just wanted to know why," says Dixon.

Mayor Tomlinson explained that the tax program Dixon is referring to is something that government officials in the Georgia state leadership are the decision-makers in that realm and it's something she has no direct control over.

The mayor addressed a series of property questions, mostly dealing with code enforcement and concerns raised about upcoming redevelopment in the Bibb City and City Village neighborhoods, close to the site of the forum.  One part of that equation is public transportation.

"My goal is for our public transportation system to be so good that people of any income level will want to ride it.  Wouldn't it be great if you had a public transportation system so great that a guy would leave his Ferrari in the garage to ride it because it was that convenient, that certain, and that effective," says Tomlinson.

The mayor says other cities across the country have made that dream a reality and they are already enjoying the benefits she described.

'Let's Talk with the Mayor' is an event that occurs four times a year.  If you have a question for the mayor and you missed tonight's version, the next one will be December 11 at the Shirley Winston gym on Steam Mill Road.

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