Update: Salem woman arrested after fatal accident on Victory Dr.

Update: Salem woman arrested after fatal accident on Victory Dr.
Peggy Hunt. Photo source: Muscogee County Jail
Peggy Hunt. Photo source: Muscogee County Jail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Peggy Hunt, a 64-year-old retired woman from Salem, Ala., was arrested near the scene after an accident that left one motorcyclist dead.

Kenneth Tarczewksi, his wife and another couple were riding their motorcycles on Victory Dr. close to 9 a.m. Friday morning, Sept. 19, when witnesses say an SUV's lane change went tragically wrong.

Witness Mark Quirk explains, "I did see the motorcycle fall, and slide a little bit on its own, and then right off the bat I saw the driver underneath the car."

Quirk says he saw the driver and his motorcycle get dragged about 25 yards, and an additional 25 yards with the driver just stuck under the SUV.

Quirk adds, "I was like, 'Oh my lord,' you know."

He says he and a group of Fort Benning soldiers joined the other bikers and rushed to the scene, prepared to pull Tarczewski from underneath the car. He wasn't prepared for what he saw once they freed the victim from the car.

"His right leg, the only thing I believe was holding the leg on somewhere below the knee was his blue jeans," he said. "And his left leg was facing a little more than in the opposite direction. I would say 95 plus percent of his damage appeared to be neck down."

Quirk says Tarczewski's breathing was labored for several minutes, and then it stopped completely, forcing him and others at the scene to do CPR until first responders arrived minutes later.

Tarczewski was later pronounced dead, and his name painted on the side walk where his body rested.

Quirk says, "If the rider was anything like the friends and family he had, you know, the world's going to be a much, much darker place without him."

Kenneth Tarczewski was from Dallas, Ga. His wife was on the motor bike right behind him. Muscogee County coroner, Buddy Bryan, says his body will be sent to the GBI crime lab in Atlanta for autopsy.

Hunt will face charges of vehicular homicide and a red light violation. She received a bond amount of $2,500 for vehicular homicide, and $150 for the red light violation.

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