Columbus honors Sickle Cell Disease month with walk-a-thon and parade

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - September is National Sickle Cell Disease month, and people across the Chattahoochee Valley are doing their part to try and break the sickle cell cycle.

The annual Sickle Cell Walk-a-thon and Parade took place Saturday, Sept. 20, at the Fourth Street Baptist Church in Columbus. The family event raised money to help patients in our community who are battling the disease.

We spoke with Jackie George with the Sickle Cell Foundation on who may be a target for the disease.

"This is a red blood cell disorder that affects individuals that are blacks in the Unites States. Not only in Georgia, but around the United States. The southern part of the country has a very, very high sickle cell population."

Sickle Cell Disease affects millions of people throughout the world, and is particularly common among minorities.

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