Employers rewarded for drug-testing employees

Employers rewarded for drug-testing employees

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - According to the Georgia Council on Alcohol and Drugs, 70% of illegal drug users are functioning adults who are currently employed in our workforce.

The event was called 'Drugs Don't Work,' and it's a play on words highlighting the council's plan to discourage illegal drug use by targeting the workplace.

"Really, the largest concentration of demand for drugs is in one place- the workplace.  So if we can attack the drug problem [there], we can have a real impact on reducing drug use," said Chuck Wade, executive director of the Georgia Council on Drug and Alcohol.

They are tying a person's livelihood to their being drug-free in the hope that there will be one more disincentive to engaging in substance abuse.

The council encouraged business owners to give their employees drug tests.  By doing so, the business will receive a 7.5% discount on their insurance and worker's compensation payments.

According to the speakers at the event, prescription pills are seeing the highest rate of increased abuse is prescription pills, and it's not limited to any one occupation.

In order to get the discount on insurance, a certified workplace also needs to provide training and education about drugs to its employees. They also need to develop a relationship with a counseling service that can provide assistance for people identified as having an issue with drugs.

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