Urban League of Columbus celebrates a 'Community for All'

Urban League of Columbus celebrates a 'Community for All'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The urban league of Columbus celebrates a 'Community for All,' recognizing the critical role we all play in creating a city that empowers and assists all of its people.

News Leader Nine's Dante Renzulli had an interview with the national president Urban League, Marc Morial.

Morial oversees the Urban League's effort across the entire United States, and tonight, October 8, he made a special trip to Columbus to meet with residents of our region and to ask for their support.

"This city is an important city to the Urban League, and I think what the Urban League means, in terms of uplifting the community, in terms of serving the community, is something that could be of great help to the future of Columbus," says Morial.

The Urban League has been running under its current title for the past 43 years, but the league has origins that date back to the turn of the twentieth century, when it was a much smaller organization dedicated to protecting the rights of African Americans in the post Civil War era.

Among Morial's accomplishments, he is known for decreasing wasteful spending within his own administration, and securing more than one $100 million in tax credits for minority-run businesses.

His claim to fame is his introduction of a stronger strategic direction for the Urban League with a five point empowerment agenda, focusing on closing equality gaps between African Americans and other emerging ethnic groups in education, civic engagement, civil rights, and quality of life.

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