Be There: Building parent-student relationships

Be There: Building parent-student relationships

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Research shows parental involvement creates a big impact on student achievement in the classroom.

According to the Academic Development Institute, parents who become involved in their child's education tend to show good parenting skills and volunteer at school. Martin Luther King Junior Elementary in Columbus is doing its part to build parent-student relationships

"Just like a team is critical for football to be a success, teamwork in education is just as critical," explained Assistant Principal Carol Ann Wood.

Wood said the school holds monthly workshops to keep parents engaged. On Tuesday, Oct. 14 they came together for Title I Family Reading Engagement Night.

"By looking at books with their children, by talking about what they've learned, by going to the Reading Wonders website," Wood explained.

What better way to get started than by bringing in the parents for a night of reading?

Local radio personality Lil D from 98.3 The Beat was also on hand to read. Books were everywhere, and students even selected their favorite read from the bookmobile and listened to poetry.

"I can't even start how important it is, the parents are the key," said the school's parent liaison Vicki Lyons.

The Center for Public Education says the concept of parental involvement has been proven. Teachers who involved parents in school work saw a boost in students' science and writing scores.

"I think by attending this family reading night, help me to see what resources the school had and how I can be more engaged in my daughter's education,” said parent Colleena Brown.

The Title I District academic coach was also on hand to share with the parents about the new Reading Wonders Program.

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