What's stopping U-Verse from coming to Russell County?

What's stopping U-Verse from coming to Russell County?


Russell County residents and commissioners are up in arms over AT&T U-Verse internet and cable. Residents say they want options, and commissioners have yet to take any action.

Residents say they are not being represented by their elected commissioners, and they have started a www.change.org petition urging commissioners to allow in AT&T U-Verse for cable and internet service. 

Commissioner Chance Corbett said in a phone interview that the U-Verse contract has come before the commission already, but no official action has been taken. 

"There has not been a vote at all on blocking anyone or, at this point, not accepting a contract," Corbett said. "It has been up for discussion and it is still up for discussion, in my opinion. In fact, at any time, a commissioner can bring it back to the table to be discussed more."

The U-Verse agreement has gone before the Russell County Commission three different times. Corbett said the first time it was brought up was the first time commissioners saw the agreement and commissioners believed the company had drafted a different agreement with Phenix City. 

The second time, commissioners say the agreement was changed and given to commissioners minutes before the meeting. The third time, no motion was made. This raises concerns for commissioners and citizens.

"If they're going to vote to not give them a choice, then at least give them of the reasons -- you represent the people," said Eric Woodson, a concerned citizen. "So, tell the people why it's not in their best interest to give them a choice in internet and TV companies coming in."

"At this point, we have not turned the agreement down, we just have not taken any action at this point," Corbett added. "And in my opinion, this agreement is not an unfair situation." 

Currently, some Russell County residents do have the option of Direct TV and Dish Network. 

Corbett added the U-Verse agreement should be discussed at the first commission meeting in November.

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