Cyclist takes on Columbus to fight sex trafficking

Cyclist takes on Columbus to fight sex trafficking

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One man's journey across the country is not only promoting physical fitness, but bringing attention to human sex trafficking in the U.S.

Luis Leonardo is pedaling from Los Angeles to South Carolina for sex trafficking awareness. He says each time he reaches a new city, he stops and challenges people to a 1 minute, 27 second plank challenge.

The plank challenge represents the pain that happens during human sex trafficking, and he partnered up with Hope 27 at his church to help with this event.

"It's been a great journey. It's very hard and very humbling to bike across the U.S. for this cause and doing it on a single gear bike was the reason why that was the reason for me to connect with this cause," Leonardo said.

Leonardo began his trek on Sept. 27.

The 2,700-mile bike ride is to hopefully bring attention to the 27 million people the U.S. State Department estimates are a part of human trafficking.

Along the way, Leonardo began challenging mayors and law enforcement officials to his #justplankit challenge.

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