Mike Hubbard's full statement on Moore verdict

Raw Interview: Rep. Mike Hubbard speaks on Rep. Moore verdict
Published: Oct. 30, 2014 at 9:07 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - Below is Speaker Mike Hubbard's statement regarding the verdict in the Barry Moore trial"

"Today, the justice system worked when 12 men and women in Lee County saw through the political agenda of rogue prosecutors and cleared Barry Moore's name.

Having this trial only days before the election was part of a concerted effort to affect my re-election. The jury has spoken, and the people of Lee County weren't fooled by prosecutors perpetrating politics under the guise of justice.

Evidence at this week's trial clearly demonstrated my conduct with regard to the project in question was above reproach. As repeatedly shown by the evidence, I never opposed the project. In fact, every communication from me to all the involved parties stated clearly that I would support the project no matter what happened in the local House race.

Barry Moore is one of the finest legislators and finest individuals I know, and it is a shame that he and his family have been subjected to this harassment. Susan and I know better than anyone what his family has gone through. Prayers have been answered, and thank God, justice has been done."

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