Javon Rice and Malcolm White stand trial for 2013 murder

Javon Rice and Malcolm White stand trial for 2013 murder

(WTVM) - The star witnesses in the murder trial of Javon Rice and Malcolm White are all children, the youngest just eight years old at the time of the crime.

A 15-year-old Columbus girl testified Tuesday, Nov. 11, that she saw the flash of the gun while her friend, 33-year-old Benny Pulley was being shot to death.

The teen testified she, her siblings, and some friends were playing basketball across the street, when two men came up to greet them.

"They dapped us up," The 15 year-old said.

she claimed the two men, one tall the other short, then went to Pulley's known as "Frank". After some time passed she says she heard shots.

The girl, dressed in a black hoodie and white shredded jeans, testified she turned her head to see a man firing a gun into the home.

She identified that man as, Javon Rice. She said at the time, Rice looked different from the clean-cut man that sat adjacent to her in Superior Court Judge Frank Jordan's courtroom.

The teen said Rice had dreadlocks with the tips dyed blonde, "he had on khaki pants and a hoodie," she explained.

The 15-year-old's younger siblings also testified. The youngest a now 10-year-old little boy. He testified the men when to Pulley's home to buy Marijuana. The two men left, then came back and shot Frank, the little boy exclaimed.

They all identified Javon Rice and Malcolm White as the two men they saw kill Pulley.  The children claimed Rice fired the gun while white held the front door open.

The 15-year-old testified after the shooting the men ran off, tossing the gun in an empty lot. She testified she also noticed one of them holding a black bag.

The teen said she'd seen the black bag at Pulley's home on previous occasions when she would go over to visit. She said Pulley stored Marijuana, cigarettes, and money in the bag.

When asked how she knew what was in the bag, she said on a prior occasion while at Pulley home, someone knocked on the door, inquiring about purchasing Marijuana. The teen said, Pulley grabbed the black back and pulled Marijuana from it.

Authorities tell us Rice and White admitted they'd gone to Pulley's home on Jan.27, 2013 to buy Marijuana, but denied they had anything to do with his murder.

According to the defense, police never found a gun in the empty lot. The defense also claimed the children were recalling details during the trial that they did not tell police at the time of the murder.

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