Auburn teen charged with raping student will be tried as an adult

Auburn teen charged with raping student will be tried as an adult

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - On Thursday Nov. 20, Lee County law enforcement officials released the name and mugshot of an Auburn High School student charged with raping another student inside the school on Tuesday.

Deaireon Whetstone, 16, has been charged as an adult with Rape First Degree and Sexual Abuse First


Alabama law mandates that a juvenile age 16 is to be immediately charged as an adult if they are arrested for Rape First Degree or any other Class A felony.

Police say the assault happened Tuesday just after lunch at about 2 p.m. While many Auburn High students were in class, a girls restroom inside the school became a crime scene where police say a 15-year-old female student was raped by another student.

"I would like people to know we are very saddened that it happened. My major concern and the schools major concern is the care of this victim," said Dr. Karen DeLano, Auburn City Schools Superintendent.

Police say after the alleged incident, the victim went to the principal and told her what happened. According to the arrest warrant, the victim left class to use the bathroom. She says a student she knows as  "D," later identified as 16-year old Dearieon Whetstone, asked to use her cell phone. When she tried to get the phone back, she says he grabbed and pushed her into a restroom stall and raped her.

Whetstone was taken into custody at school. During an interview with police, court documents indicate he admitted to the sexual contact.

"This is a young man we will obviously be looking at further to determine if he has had any other problems in the past," said Auburn Police Chief Paul Register.

School officials can't comment on Whetstone's current status as a student. According to school policy, administrators have the authority to keep a student out of school if they face criminal charges that include harming another person.

"Because of the privacy laws, federal laws, I am not going to release any of that information. I will say for the victims care and other students care we are taking appropriate actions," said Dr. DeLano.

Meanwhile, many want to know how this alleged attack happened in the middle of a busy school day. Dr. Delano says if additional safety measures need to be put in place, she will do so immediately.

"It would be unreal for me to tell you or anybody that we are not shocked and disappointed this happened. As we continue to investigate and we know more we will look at why this was allowed to happen," she said.

According to officials at the Lee County Detention Facility, Whetstone is out of jail after posting a $125,000 property bond.

News Leader 9 is waiting to hear of his first court date.

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