How much will the traditional Thanksgiving meal cost this year?

How much will the traditional Thanksgiving meal cost this year?
Turkey Day is just two days away and this year's Thanksgiving feast is expected to cost you over $.30 more than last year's average. News Leader 9's Tyrone McCoy went shopping to see what dinner could cost you here in the valley.

We took to the Piggly Wiggly on Stadium Drive in Phenix City on November 25 to scope out a turkey dinner. What we found is that the standard traditional meal will cost shoppers in the Chattahoochee Valley roughly $14 less than the national average of $49.

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce are the traditional items for Thanksgiving dinners, but what's a Thanksgiving dinner without sides? Add in your mashed potatoes whipped and cooked to your personal liking. Be sure to grab your gravy to drizzle on the turkey and stuffing or, if you're like me, to dump on everything. Of course, you need a vegetable, either something like French cut green beans or collard greens. You can't forget your rolls. After eating so well, you've got to have a tastey dessert. A sweet potatoes pie sounds delicious. Then, wash that all down with a bottle of sparkling white grape juice and head to check out.

I got my traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, fixings and a dessert for right under $35.

That's $14 less than the national average of $49.41 as reported by the American Farm Bureau Federation. It's a $.37 increase over last year's average of $49.04. The organization reports that the largest food increases for 2014 are in sweet potatoes, dairy products and pumpkin pie mixes. The price of turkeys decreased slightly.

The average price for this year's Turkey Day meal is the most expensive since the American Farm Bureau Federation started keeping track in 1986. To take a look at that list for yourself click here.

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